About Us

We are passionate about getting groups of people outdoors. We want to see people get out of the towns and cities more. We want people to explore, learn from and appreciate our beautiful country, especially through camping.


My experience: When I moved to Cape Town and tried to organize my first camp I found it almost impossible to find the right campsite for my specific group. Looking for campsites on the Internet was difficult as there wasn’t just one listing. When I did find campsites it was a challenge finding one that was available for the right dates and was within my budget. Once I had a short list of sites that could work I still had to drive out to have a look at the sites to make sure that it would work for what we had in mind. It was all very time consuming and difficult.


What we offer: Happy campers is all about helping people find the right campsite for their groups program needs, budget and dates. Tell us what you need, and we'll find the right campsite for you at no cost.

We want to see as many people as possible having amazing camps in the most beautiful places with as little stress as possible.


About Amanda: I worked on a campsite outside Pretoria for 4 years and have been working for a youth organization which works in schools for the last 5 years, which included organizing and running many camps. I love camping! Working out themes, programs, activities and talks for camps and seeing it all come together energizes me. Being married and having a little girl, means that I don't have the time to do camping all the time and so Happy Campers is my way of being able to do what I love and still do the whole family vibe.